Generation Unknown

We are part of an almost unknown type of generation.

We are the small percentage of the millions of people on this earth that consider their homes nature.

We are part of the generation that is not stuck inside the life-controlling realm of technology and over-civilization.

We take a few moments from our daily lives each year that passes to embrace the beautiful meaning of nature and life itself.

We watch thousands of people every day complaining that their electronic devices don’t work, or that they are too tired to get out of bed; but our complaints are based on the signature marks that nature puts on our bodies each time we explore the wild.

We see ignorant faces every day that are clueless to what is out past the polluted, overpopulated world they live in.backpacking_troop951_final_pick_2012_0275

The littlest things in life get people so scattered, while we are sitting and enjoying each other’s presence and sharing the pure essence of the wild that is sadly hard to find in today’s society.

We bring along small gadgets to remind ourselves of home, but nothing is better than bringing each other along to be reminded of what really matters in life.

We have a wide variety of personalities within our special group; some of us are bubbly, some funny, some silly, some tense, some sad, and some that need somewhere to get away… all those that make us who we are as a group, hiking around in the woods having fun.

We each know the special feeling that backpacking brings to us, and it can only be felt through true experience.

We are Poway Backpackers and we refuse to believe that society will take over our lives.
-Mackenzie Welsh

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