Hello Campers! “These boots are made for walking and that is just what they’ll do.” Here is a fun tribute written by our very own Jessie Ackerman.

Ode to Hiking Boots

So you have your breakfast and dinners planned, but what about your lunch and snacks? Every year, parents and backpackers ask me for advice about what food to bring, and every year my list fluctuates—finding a balance between necessity and luxury. For a long time, I would use the Poway […]

It’s Lunch Time!

Here is the shortened version of the A trip’s journey through the Eastern Sierras. 1080p HD recommended  🙂 Click here for the photo gallery and extended video  

A-Trip 2016 Mammoth Loop Video

…”And the Colorado Rocky Mountain high, I’ve seen it rainin’ fire in the sky…” I gaze over my shoulder to see a dozen tired, chaffed skinned, mosquito bitten, chapped lipped kids singing out the words to “Rocky Mountain High,” all to the ire of the bus driver. I smile. They […]

I’ve Seen It Rainin’ Fire in the Sky: The Crafty ...

After more than 30 years, Eddie Lindros passed the torch to Scott Rinehart. The Poway Backpacker’s legacy has lived on through Rinehart for 13 years now. Here is an article documenting the transition of leadership. Click here for PDF version of article

Archives: Passing the Torch

An absolute must see! Cole Johnston really does a phenomenal job capturing the Poway Backpacker experience in picture, video, and sound. Accompanied with commentary from participants, the video gives a unique perspective on what we are doing out there in the wild! Poway Backpackers B2 2015 Video by Cole Johnston […]

B2 2015 Video by Cole Johnston

Here is an absolutely phenomenal video our dear friend and Poway Backpacker, Jeff Vallee, put together back in 2011. This video perfectly captures the feelings and ambiance of a Poway Backpacking trip and what our program is all about! https://www.youtube.com/embed/myRBseFmzAo

Welcome Home

Trip departs from the Rinehart house @ 6:00 A.M. on Sun., July 26 & Returns @ 4:30 P.M. on Tue., August 4 Preliminary Meetings: Meeting #1, Saturday, May 9th (9 – Noon) @ Chaparral School Multi Purpose Room: Overview of program, equipment show, equipment checklist, equipment sale & rental, and […]

Routes & Meetings 2015

I get a lot of looks of awe and astonishment whenever I come hobbling along the trail with my Adventure16 external hip hugger backpack.; some sort of remnant artifact left over from an era of archaic travelers. The external frame backpacks are being replaced by internal frame backpacks. In my […]

Why I keep the external

We are part of an almost unknown type of generation. We are the small percentage of the millions of people on this earth that consider their homes nature. We are part of the generation that is not stuck inside the life-controlling realm of technology and over-civilization. We take a few […]

Generation Unknown